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Wild As Folk

Wild as Folk reiki charged Element Jar

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Wild a Folk have worked with their reiki master to bring you these beautifully made Element Jars, created with foraged and dried flora, reiki charged crystals and drift wood. Made for you, charged with love and light for some true self reflection. Designed and charged with the intention of self-love, for you to place somewhere in your home or work that you pass or sit at regularly, simply to remind you to spend time with yourself and that it's ok to just be, take some time out to remember yourself. 

  • Each one is unique, contents vary, but each jar has a reiki charged crystal and we can write a little note out with what each element symbolises. 

  • Made with Hand foraged feathers, drift wood, flora including;
  • EARTH - Lavender from Hitchin Lavender, is a perennial herb, when it is cared for in the right way it grows in a healthy way, just like you.  Anti anxiety and a natural destressing plant. 
  • AIR - Feathers collected from the wild, signify trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, freedom, all the things you should feel within yourself.   
  • FIRE - Eucalyptus-  Ancient Aboriginals burnt the leaves to purify and dispell negative energies
  • WATER - Drift wood, shells & sea glass collected from beaches in England, to remind us, we are water, fluid and ever changing. 
  • Reiki charged Rose Quartz for love or Citrine for abundance.
  • Glass vile with cork stopper