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Anna Cosma

Sun, Earth & Soul Journal Planner

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It's all within you in 2022!

Your guide for a year full of sun, earth, and soul. In harmony with the wheel of the year. This diary brings an understanding of the seasons around and within us. There are phases for planting, for growing, and for a time to harvest. And then there is also a time of letting go, giving thanks, and going further into the unknown, to eventually be reborn again. When we become aware of the natural cycles and include them in our lives, we can easily work in a flow with nature and not against it.

This planner guides you intuitively through the wheel of the seasons. Our world is always ever-changing and moving and I‘m forever grateful to share another dance around the sun with you.

Cover with Goldfoil Details - 186 Pages / 120g/m2 recycled paper (FSC-Certified ) 21.1 cm x 15.8 cm x 1.6 cm (D5)  Spiralbindung in Messing - plastic free. - January - december (12 Months) - Language: English

Every Planner is handmade
Made in Germany