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Forage Botanicals

Forage Botanicals Your Period Handbook

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I am so stoked to bring you this thoughtful new range from Forage Botanicals designed with you and your menstrual cycle in mind.  The is THE book we all need! 

Natasha draws on personal experience of overcoming crippling period pain and clinical expertise as a medical herbalist specialising in women’s health, Nastasha gives a comprehensive overview of how stress is impacting our hormones, and our lives.

Warning of the creeping effects of stress on hormonal wellbeing, she explores the science of slow living and gives practical advice on changing the way we approach our daily schedules – from sleep to nutrition and using simple herbal remedies. Relaxation is a life skill we have lost the art of practicing and we must fight to reclaim it.

Common menstrual problems are explored in accessible language with advice on how to treat their underlying causes. Heavy bleeding, erratic cycles, missed periods, painful cramps, acne, breast-tenderness, PMS, migraine and anxiety are featured plus the red flag symptoms to watch out for. More complicated conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS and fibroids are looked at in-depth with accompanying treatment plans.

  • This book includes practical recipes for herbal teas, tinctures, bath-potions 
  • sections on herbal monographs giving a comprehensive overview of relevant herbs 
  • Invaluable for anyone suffering from menstrual problems
  • A useful addition for practitioners with an interest in this field
  • 255 pages long.