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Jolly Brown

Ethel Cal - The Sustainable Bear

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Meet Ethel... 

Full name is Ethel Cal, she is made from 100% recycled materials, batch no:01 is a beautiful 1960s Blanket, which, once I'd washed I noticed had a few marks and the odd hole, not wanting to part with the beautiful workmanship of the fabric, I commission my very clever and very crafty friend to create Ethel, the 100% sustainable Bear. 
Ethel is limited and once she is gone in a particular fabric, she is gone. She is adored by all who get to snuggle her in the studio and she makes the most beautiful and unique new baby gift to keep and treasure as a special friend. Ethel is the Bear who keeps giving;  £5 from every Ethel goes to our local children's hospice, The Keech cottage Hospice, hoping to bring some much needed pennies to a wonderful charity.  

  • 100% recycled 
  • 100% snuggly 
  • Ethel has the most beautiful serene face!
  • All one offs and limited runs
  • Ethel is handmade and each one differs slightly

  • SAFETY NOTE > Please note small buttons on moving legs & arms - not suitable to be left with small children, Ethel is completely handmade & should not be used as a Toy, she is a keepsake and a Bear to be treasured.


100% recycled Wool 
Recycled Buttons
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