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Dick Pearce Wood Puffling Little Folk's Bellyboard

I am so utterly stoked to be able to bring you this incredible brand, I mean, they're not a brand they're a lifestyle!
Dick Pearce have been hand making 100% wooden belly boards since 1928. 

Jamie and Andy who own it now, have kept the design true to the original and the Dick Pearce crew pride themselves on offering a totally rad, totally beautiful natural alternative to the dreaded throw away polystyrene body boards which fill and fall out of the bins all over Cornwall. They work with charities who are trying to get these plastic boards banned and work to clear the plastic off the beaches.  These are not just for waves in Cornwall, the great thing about Bellyboarding is you just need the sea and some waves, it's so much fun even in small white water. It's instantly achievable (you can hone that skill though!) for little folk and you big folk too, family fun for everyone, just watch those smiles flow! 

 'Puffling' is the term used for baby Puffins! The Dick Pearce & Friends Puffling is 2/3 the size of our standard Surfrider and perfect for children to learn on. The shorter length allows them to hold the board closer to their body and catch waves easily. They will be shredding in no time!!

I could talk about these boards all day, but the real test is having the most amount of fun on the board yourself, super slim and lightweight, they're easy to pack in the car, if you have older children, get them the adult board and it'll last them a lifetime. Chuck them on the wall when you're not using them!

  • RECOMMENDED use - From strong swimming age! From 6+ to 12 ish. 
  • Always to be used with adult supervision
  • Stella is 2 for size reference, she's a little grom still! 
  • Each bellyboard is handmade in the Dick Pearce & Friends workshop in Newquay, Cornwall.
  • Plywood is a very low carbon and sustainable product. If looked after, DP bellyboards will last a lifetime. 
  • AVAILABLE:  Bleached Green, jolly brown Coral, naked - untreated for you to oil or paint yourself! 
  • Standard measurements 80:cm in length, 31cm nose wide, 29cm and 0.9cm thick. Weight 2kg.



Brand: Dick Pearce & Friends

Since 1928 The Dick Pearce brand has been hand making Wooden Belly Boards in Devon & Cornwall. Using ancient woodworking kit and treasured family secret methods, Andy and Jamie who took over the company when the originator passed away,  Dick Pearce and Friends produces handcrafted boards from sustainable materials; boards made to be treasured; boards made to get people in the sea, to get them surfing, to get them smiling. 

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